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Understand and use composition in React

2021-07-09 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

Composition is very powerful in React but for some cases, it may be hard to use. Today I will give you examples of composition caught up in real projects.

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Why I create my first NPM package

2021-07-04 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

A useful practice when you work with a specific stack, is to create generic stuff for this stack.

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How to test React Hooks

2021-05-20 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

When you use hooks, you can write them in their own file. And you could test them.

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Five tips about React hooks

2021-05-14 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

Today, when you use React and functional components, you need hooks. Work with hooks is easier than class components, I've encountered some issues during development and today, I want to share my solutions with you.

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