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How to easily create forms in React

2021-07-24 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

As a developer, forms are a great part of our work. It's a way for users to interact with software.

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Understand and use composition in React

2021-07-09 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

Composition is very powerful in React but for some cases, it may be hard to use. Today I will give you examples of composition caught up in real projects.

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Why I create my first NPM package

2021-07-04 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

A useful practice when you work with a specific stack, is to create generic stuff for this stack.

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Setup JWT for a React Django app in minutes

2021-06-25 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

How to setup JWT in a project with a React frontend and a Django backend in minutes.

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How to test React Hooks

2021-05-20 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

When you use hooks, you can write them in their own file. And you could test them.

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