Introduction to JWT

2021-06-17 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

A JWT (JSON Web token) is an access token which contains all the information to communicate securely between two parties. JWTs are mainly used for identification operations and the management of user access rights.

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5 Reasons to use Django, the Python web framework

2021-06-11 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

Django is a Python framework for web development. You can create powerful and reliable app with it.

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Automate Prettier in a pre-commit hook

2021-06-04 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

Prettier is a wonderful tool. It works in many editors and supports many languages. But opinionated is his best feature and the first reason to use it.

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Become web developer at 37. How I did it.

2021-05-26 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

I didn't start my career as a developer. I tell you my journey to code.

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How to test React Hooks

2021-05-20 — Written by Fabien Schlegel

When you use hooks, you can write them in their own file. And you could test them.

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